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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Movie project collateral

Now that it's finished, I'm really focusing on improving the 5th grade movie project for next year.
I'll include here the proposal form, the reflection form, the compress/share how-to (coming when I find a good place to host the pdfs), and the links to copyleft media sites I direct my students to.

Here's the current project sequence:
1) intro, show examples. proposal form (homework) and possibly start collecting pictures.
2) collecting pictures: remind how to get the actual picture, not thumbnail, teach how to make folder for them, what kinds of pix are good/not, how many you need at 5 secs each for 1-2 min movie (some kids may be scanning or writing scripts at this point, too)
3) finish collecting pictures, can start dragging into imovie and arranging, maybe teach non-google sources (flickr, archive.org, etc) as needed.
4) zoom and pan w/ Orech video, show photo settings and how to use
5) zoom and pan 2: with purpose and meaning, can also have still shots, can also have talking heads
6) titles 1: choose style (what’s better for long and short), type words, set font/color/size, over black or over clip, set duration, and drag to timeline. focus on tricky parts: duration, words too small b/c all in one box, styles that are annoying, titles over titles
7) titles 2: review tricky parts, emphasis on timing and readability, what to do if you find a clip is too short after you’ve put a title on it
8) open questions
9) transitions: optional! movies are often better without them, but look at them like punctuation. teach tricky timing part and how they work
10) audio: optional. show different timeline view and how audio clips work.
options: sound effects and imovie loops, record your voice, find and save midis and wavs online, bring in cd, or request from me. more audio taught on individual basis
11) open questions
12-15) compress and reflect/share

At once a week, this generally takes 4 months.
If a kid is absent even once, they can get way behind.

Common problems:
• no real information in their movies
• titles too small or too fast
• pictures blurry or irrelevant
• pointless zoom/pan
• overuse of effects
• many kids don’t remember how to make a movie 2 months later

Potential changes:
Include research steps @ beginning? (persuade classroom teachers to participate?)
More time on titles and choosing pictures (including copyleft)?
Midpoint critique?
Teach more of these skills in earlier years?

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John said...

here are some suggestions:

1-make them put real info in their movies.
2-tell them their titles are to small or fast.
3-make a rule about no blurry or irrelevant pics.
4-effects in general are for amateurs.
5-if you have to use effects, the design isn't right.
6-tell them to improve their memory skills.

and, what about looking at the 'personal documentary' style of the 60's, 70's? if they are invested in a personal way, i.e., here's my movie about my grandfather who i like so much, the movie will be filled with that content and no need for effects, and certainly no need for memory.